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In a one of a kind effort, the Data 4 Development Platform seeks to give all citizens access to national and sub-national data across sectors - namely child protection, education, social protection sectors, among others. This effort aims streamline evidence-based decision making by putting data into the hands of those who will use it. With innovative and data-driven visualizations, the Data 4 Development Platform allows everyone to become more engaged in planning, monitoring and reporting in Jamaica. This platform aims at establishing a data culture in Jamaica, by promoting evidence-based planning.


What is the Data 4 development Initiative in Jamaica?


How will the Platform enable data-driven change in jamaica?

Through interactive and data-driven visualizations, policy planners will be able to easily assess progress on the Vision 2030 Jamaica plan and in the child protection, education and social welfare sectors. Following the analysis of the data presented on the Data 4 Development platform, key decision-makers can identify where gaps may exist and offer policies or interventions that could help bring the national goal or outcome closer to the 2030 target.